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Below you'll find the complete list of services I provide, as well as my service areas.  If you don't see your need on the list, or if you live outside of my service area, please Contact Me.


These are a great relief for pet owners who work long hours and/or travel frequently for business or pleasure.  They are offered for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  During this time, your pet's basic needs are met (feeding, changing water, playtime, litter box cleanup, administering medication, etc.).  If requested, I can also provide basic home maintenance like opening/closing blinds, bringing in mail/newspaper, watering plants, and home security checks.


This includes a 30-minute visit in which I will walk your dog(s).  I always bring my own waste bags during a walk.  Walks can also include basic training such as heel, sit, loose lead walking, down, etc.  After the walk, I can feed your dog, refresh their water, and administer medication (if requested).


I can escort your pet(s) to and from the vet, groomer, airport, or anywhere they need to go.  This service includes a one-way trip or a roundtrip for your pet.  I will make sure your pet has a safe, comfortable ride.  There is no additional charge for multiple pets; however, the number of pets transported together may be limited based on their size and safe vehicle operations.  Multiple trips to transport large families will incur a travel surcharge.  Pet taxi rates are for pick-up and drop-off only; if wait time is required or if the trip includes a vet visit, you will be billed accordingly at the standard drop-in visit rate.


To minimize the stress of you being away from your pet, I offer professional in-home pet care.  I will come to your home and stay with your pet overnight.  This saves your pet from additional stress since they can remain in their own environment.  This is strongly recommended for pets who don't do well in boarding environments.  This also helps assure the safety of your home while you're away.  I will sleep wherever you're comfortable with me staying.  I'll bring what I need in order to be comfortable, but will accept any amenities you want to offer.  I will always leave your home as tidy as it was when I arrived.  This is a personalized service that includes feeding, fresh water, potty breaks, playtime, etc.  This is 100% customizable to your usual routine.  I will also send photos and updates at least once a day via text or Email.  If requested, I can also provide basic home maintenance like opening/closing blinds, bringing in mail/newspaper, watering plants, etc.

Serving the greater Morganton area


*Any requests accepted outside of my service areas are subject to a travel fee - thanks for your understanding.

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